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Тепло – это незаменимая составляющая комфорта в доме. Принести комфорт и уют в дом человеку помогут котлы. Необходимо отметить, что существуют различные котлы по виду энергоносителя, камеры сгорания, наличия функции ГВС, размещение, коэффициенту полезного действия, а также по конструктивным особенностям каждой модели и т.д. Мы предоставляем широкий выбор котлов, на любые Ваши потребности и предпочтения.


The boiler “BIOKAITRA” is highly reliable, as the operation system installed meets all safety requirements required in Europe.


  • The efficiency of the boiler is at least 88 %
  • Low heating costs are guaranteed by the range of cheaper fuel in pellets
  • The price of 1 kW/h heating with straw pellets is 13 ct


The boiler “BIOKAITRA” provides the choice of the fuel type preferable to the client, this is because the boiler can be heated by using pellets from different agricultural crops, straws or wood. Therefore, the client can always save by choosing a cheaper fuel.

Appropriate fuel: straw pellets, peat pellets, sunflower hull pellets, wood pellets, solid fuels (firewood, wood briquettes only in boiler of 30 and 50kW).

«Easy to use and maintain»

  • The fuel to be refilled every 3-7 days
  • Automatic ignition (additional order)
  • Automatized transfer of fuel
  • Easy service of the boiler and burner
  • Simple and intuitive operation of the boiler
  • Effortless transfer from one type of fuel to the other
  • The power of the boiler is adjustable in accordance the necessity of the heat
  • Considerable capacity for the ash


The burner technology of the boiler “Biokaitra” copes with the residual slag of straw pellets during the burning process. While burning the straw pellets, the burner is able to remove slag simultaneously.


To produce the heat, the boiler uses pellets from straws, agricultural crops or wood that are not harmful to the environment, and after burning, the ash can be used as ecological fertilizer in the farming.

 «Easy storage of the fuel

The pellets from agricultural crops, straws or wood can be bought all year round. Therefore, it is not necessary to have much storage space for large quantities of fuel.

 «Expedite technical service»

The boiler “BIOKAITRA” is produced in Lithuania. This provides us with a possibility to react promptly and supply the client with the help required. As well, we provide after-sales and post-warranty service with dispatch, as all spare parts of the boiler are always in our stock.

The boilers are manufactured to be fed with solid fuels, such as pellet and biomasses deriving from agricultural and forestall residual products (wood, olive husk, crushed fruit shells and pits, wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust and so on). Among the renewable energetic sources, biomasses represent a great resource for man and the environmental protection.

Котлы предназначены для теплоснабжения индивидуальных домов и зданий коммунально-бытового назначения, оборудованных системами водяного отопления с естественной или принудительной циркуляцией, относятся к разряду отопительных водогрейных приборов с открытой камерой сгорания.

Они просты в обслуживании, работают на угле, дровах, брикетах твёрдого топлива, торфе.

Монтаж твердотопливных котлов прост и заключается в подключении патрубков подающего и обратного трубопроводов к системе отопления.

Highly efficient, reliable and safe electric boilers directly heating with multi-adjustable power, designed for central heating and are able to connect the indirect heating boiler. This allows to heat a large volume of water for a short period of time, providing a more comfortable conditions for the consumer. The boilers are perfect for heating houses, summer residence or even a cottage. The boilers are perfect for heating houses, cottages or even a cottage. Electric boilers have a simple construction, in comparison with gas, do not require constant maintenance (cleaning of the slag and ashes), quiet, environmentally friendly and safe (no harmful emissions and foreign odors at work). The range of wall-mounted electric boilers represented power from 3.5 to 100 kW. The models are distinguished by an attractive design, compact and light weight. By placing the boiler on the wall, you can free space for other domestic appliances, which is important for premises - corridors, kitchens, etc. Thanks to the multi adjustment, heating capacity is selected optimally, according to the needs, which promotes the rational use of energy and makes it possible not to include the the boiler at full capacity during the off-season. If the installation does not require additional equipment, all you need for the boiler and its control is established in the case. ~ 380V, /~ 220V.
The boilers are energy-independent heat generators; the fuel is natural gas of low pressure. The devices can be installed in the kitchen or the furnace rooms of individual houses, city buildings and other buildings, equipped with a water heating system with a forced heat exchanger circulation and a working pressure of up to 3 bar. Due to a small friction it is possible to use it in the open heating systems with a natural (gravitational) heat carrier circulation.